Our Washington Chapter is able to provide a great return on your investment because other contractors like you are members!

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Why Join PDCA? Here are Five Reasons!

  • Grow Your Business
    Increase sales with FINDAPAINTER online directory.
  • Education and Training
    Learn & improve with Contractor College training.
  • Network with PDCA Members
    Share knowledge & ideas at chapter meetings and events.
  • Industry Information
    PDCA publications & APC magazine.
  • Increase Income
    Reduce expenses with PDCA business discounts.

What is PDCA’s Purpose?  (as stated in PDCA bylaws)

  • Membership
    To enhance the advancement of the coating application industry by attempting to influence and direct the painting and decorating marketplace to favor PDCA Members.
  • Communications and Unit Support
    To provide a conduit for communication between those involved in the coating application industry by focusing on organizational unity and clarity of purpose in representing the collective interests of the membership.
  • Unit Support, Education and Member Discounts
    To provide services to members that cannot be obtained in small groups or individually.
  • Partnerships
    To seek out opportunities to establish strategic alliances and partnerships that can favorably impact the standing, status, and business opportunities for members.
  • Advocacy
    To be the voice of and for the coating application industry.
  • Ethics
    To promulgate an attitude of ethical responsibility in business.
  • Education
    To be the premier education information organization for the paint and coatings industry.